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Absinthes.com is a European Seller of various varieties of Absinthe and strong absinthe. They've been in business for more than 8 years and have a great customer service record.  Absinthes.com has a tremendous selection on hand larger than other European sellers and they also offer fantastic Special Deals and Variety Packs on their site.

You will find excellent absinthe starter sets like the Jade Explore Set ($38) with 50 ml samples of Jade Espirit Edouard, Jade 1901 and Jade VS 1898. And if you're a Jade fan, they also have a full Jade set containing all 5 Jade absinthe styles in 700 ml bottles with a free bottle of Le Coeur de Jade ($365). The best part is orders over $200 receive free shipping.  

Absinthes.com accepts all major credit cards, bank transfers and PayPal with orders shipping within 1-2 days and delivery between 7-10 business days. Their customer support is fast and courteous. Visit Absinthes.com 

Liqueurs de France

Prices Start At $10
Free Shipping Delivery to USA is GUARANTEED. Delivery generally within 5-7 business days. Shipping via DHL. Expedited shipping available and cost varies with weight. 
Payments Major Credit Cards, Paypal, Bank Transfer, WorldPay
Features Largest Selection of Absinthe on the net every strength and variation, from Classic, Anise Free, to Strong

Absinthe.de - Lion Spirits

Price From $12
Features Absinthe Edouard Pernod label, Absinthe St. Antoine, Absinthe Brevans, Absinthe Jade PF 1901; Registered and Returning Customers get Discounts through the Loyalty program
Shipping Orders Shipped within 5 days via DHL with Tracking; Delivery generally within 10-14 days to USA.
Payments All major Credit Cards, SEPA, BillSafe and Bank Transfer

Buy Strong Absinthe - HIGH Thujone

Alandia Absinthe

Prices Start at $10
Free Shipping Delivery to USA is GUARANTEED. Delivery generally within 5-7 business days. Shipping via DHL. Expedited shipping available and cost varies with weight. 

Payments Major Credit Cards, Paypal, Bank Transfer
Features Huge Selection of Absinthe brands and styles from all over the world

Where To Buy Strong Absinthe

Prices Start at $10
Shipping Delivery to USA is GUARANTEED. Delivery generally within 5-10 business days. Shipping via DHL. Free shipping not available at this time.
Payments All major Credit Cards, Paypal, Bank Transfer, JCB, RBS, Bitcoin and Sage Pay
Features Huge Selection of Absinthe brands and styles from all over the world

Absinthe.de (Lion Spirits) absinthe & spirit e-shop is an online spirits shop based out of the Germany with premium absinthe varieties from all over the world including strong absinthe. Absinthe.de (Lion Spirits) carries a fantastic line of French and Swiss Absinthe that will have most connoisseurs whipping out their credit cards.

Many of labels carried by Absinthe.de (Lion Spirits) have won multiple awards and some are absolute recreations of original recipes such as the famous Jade Absinthe Edouard, a French absinthe of the Edouard Pernod label. They also carry the Pernod Recette and Jade PF 1901, known as the most widely sampled pre-ban absinthe. Absinthe.de (Lion Spirits) also carries Absinthe Brevans, H.R. Giger 68% which has won several absinthe tasting awards. La Clandestine Absinthe is also sold by Absinthe.de (Lion Spirits) and is an award winning Swiss absinthe of beautiful blue color, made up of more than 10 fresh botanicals. Of course, many who know a bit about absinthe are aware that Marilyn Manson is a lover and has his own label, called Mansinthe. It, too, is an award-winning absinthe and you can find it here at Absinthe.de (Lion Spirits).

Absinthe.de (Lion Spirits) has been in the business of picking the best Absinthe and bringing it to the net, and the world, for several years now and has a wonderful process and site set up to do so. They have several payment options including all major credit cards, SEPA, BillSafe and Bank Transfer and ship throughout Europe and the U.S. via DHL with tracking.

Absinthe.de (Lion Spirits) has a 100% Money Back Guarantee and a great customer service track record. They also reward repeat customers with discounts through their Loyalty Program. Absinthe.de (Lion Spirits) is one of our favorite sites. Visit Absinthe.de-Lion Spirits

Liquers De France - Absintheonline.com

Alandia Absinthe

Liqueurs de France stocks only genuine absinthe. Liqueurs de France has been in business selling absinthe, strong absinthe, absinthe accessories and educating folks about absinthe since 2012. They have an extensive website packed with premium absinthe, botanicals & blending kits and educational articles.

Among their best sellers are the Enigma absinthe line, Absinthe Roquette - 1797 and Jade VS 1898 absinthe.  They have absinthe fron France, Switzerland, Czechoslavokia and the USA to name a few. Carefully crafted from select herbs, their absinthe is the best quality hands down. 

Liqueurs de France gives you plenty of ways to pay including all major credit cards, JCB, RBS, Bitcoin, PayPal and Sage Pay. Shipping from the UK is pretty simple with shipping rates calculated by weight. I could not find any free shipping offers for this site. Most importantly, Liqueurs de France has one of the best customer service records online. They stand behind their product and service with a guarantee and we take note of that here. Visit Liqueurs de France


Absinthe Vendors

In the USA, the maximum thujone concentration allowed is 10 ppm while the UK allows up to 35 ppm. To buy high thujone absinthe, you have to purchase it from the UK. Below are the best absinthe sellers who carry real, strong absinthe. We'll look at which absinthe is strongest, which absinthe seller has the best deals and best customer service. We also see who ships their absinthe the fastest and which vendors guarantee their shipments. So let's compare the top absinthe merchants worldwide. If you are looking for reviews of specific absinthe brands, visit Absinthe-Review.com

Alandia.de is by far the largest online retailer of Absinthe and has just celebrated its 16 year anniversary online. They offer the broadest range of authentic European Absinthe with a full line of their own premium distilled absinthe styles including high thujone content styles.

Alandia has something for absolutely everyone, even the most discerning absinthe enthusiasts. They make it easy to shop by categorizing their absinthe by strength, style (verte or blanche) and country of origin. They also have rare and antique (pre-ban) absinthe along with gift sets and samplers. Their top selling absinthe, Alandia Strong68, is 68% alcohol and and contains the maximum allowed thujone of 35 ppm. If you are looking for strong absinthe, this is it. 

Their site is very well organized and is available in several languages. If you hit the site in a foreign language, just look for your flag and click it. It also deals in Euros by default but there is a currency converter in the left sidebar that you can click that will convert all prices on the site to American dollars.

Alandia offers several payment options and guarantees shipping to the United States. That means that your Absinthe gets to you or you get your money back. Shipping from Europe is quite fast at 5-7 working days. Customer support is very good with emails answered within hours. Seller history and a stellar deliver guarantee for their customers are very important when shopping for absinthe online. Alandia has both and gets our top recommendation. Visit Alandia